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Awesome quality and super fast shipping and response time to emails!
Amber 9/2/20

Absolutely love it! The book is simply beautiful, and will make an excellent bedtime story. Also the customer service was second to none. Really love the fact that the company allows me to review the text with my grandsons name, hometown, etc in it before the book goes to final print. Excellent product, excellent service.  Sophia W. 8/21/20

They sent me proofs of the pages that would be personalized to make sure everything was correct. Awesome customer service and quick delivery! The book turned out well too and is very cute as a gift for my one-year-old nephew!    Emily 8/17/20

Bought two books for my granddaughter. Constructing and shipping was fast! Can’t wait to open the package for her birthday celebration! Communicating with the sellers was great!      Tara 8/5/20

Ordered this book early for my first granddaughter! Her celebration is soon so I haven’t been able to give it to her yet however very excited to see her parents faces with all the families names in it! Diane 7/20/20

My friend just had a baby so this gift to them was so important! They absolutely loved it and are so excited to read it to their sweet little boy. Thank you for an awesome find!  Lydia M.

I bought the book for a year old girl and the parents really love it. Milago

The book was great for our little one. Great communication as well. Thanks Smaahk

Exactly as ordered, and they messaged me to confirm wording was correct. Great gift. Eli

Oh my goodness! What an awesome gift! I have this to my nephews for Easter a few days ago and they have already called me at least 10 times to thank me for their personalized hockey book! They have to share their favorite book with their class this week and they chose this book! They love it and haven’t stopped talking about it! Thank you!!! I highly recommend for any hockey fan!  Colleen